10 Years of Flatmattersonline – Episode 3

It is hard for me to believe, and take in that it’s been 10 years of Flatmattersonline! I wanted to show something special for the 10th anniversary of the site and today I have episode 3 featuring another selection of some of my biggest inspirations. Martti Kuoppa, Chad Johnston, Johann Chan, and James McGraw take their turn in the hot seat.


7 thoughts on “10 Years of Flatmattersonline – Episode 3

  1. Thanks for inviting E. Feels like a blag rubbing shoulders with these giants.
    It’s almost unusual hearing Martti speak in his native tongue. So used to hearing him speak fluent English.

  2. @Johann – you helped with the design of the site Johann and we have so many chats that have inspired me and helped me run the site and keep things going. My inspiration comes from across the board, not only from great riders. Tried to show that as much as I can.

  3. Of the pros and cons concerning the influence of media on bmx and flatland, the biggest advantage, as far as I’m concerned, is how selective you can be about your interactions. Places like Flatmatters allow you to stay apprised of the goings on, without having to engage with anyone you don’t want to. Effraim has created a space where information and inspiration can be had, without having to expose yourself to some of the ass-a nine-antics and attitudes that can come with it, in other settings. With one or two possible incidents to the contrary, I can honestly say that the interaction that flows through flatmatters is almost completely devoid of any hubris or hierarchical silliness. People on the site are almost all really genuine and respectful. Years ago, when I would ride in a group setting fairly often at places like union square in NYC, you would inevitably encounter folks (pros on more then one occasion) who would incessantly make disparaging remarks about whomever wasn’t currently in attendance. Now, however,those same folks when contributing something here, seem to have bought into the spirit of it and remain as congenial as all the other contributors. Places like flatmatters elevate the positive and starve the negative and, in my book, that is about as awesome a contribution as one can make. Thanks for all that you do for the lot of us Effraim, you have turned many a bad day into a better one for me, and that is a real gift.

  4. these have been so very cool. wow. and. i don’t remember my first memory either. always have just watched, been reading, and returning to this site.

    looks like we are sending you back to Cali! thank you Efraim

  5. Respect / Props to Johann / Big E ! Bruuuuuuuv , STOKED on these episodes , trying to keep up wit em , hahaha . Theyre dropping on the daily , come home from work , and………….BAM …..ANOTHER one , RAD , indeed ! HAPPY 10 YEARS , Effraim ! E-Ron and STEMsey are SO correct with their comments , also !

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