10 Years of Flatmattersonline – The Final Episode

Today marks the final episode of the 10 Years of Flatmattersonline series! The name “Flatmatters” first appeared on a collar I did with with my Adidas for King of Concrete 2000 and one of those riders on the rise around this time was Paul Chamberlain. I have kept in touch with Paul over the years after he left the UK for a new life in Australia. Paul went off on a tangent from the questions I asked, so I decided I would put him last in the episodes and let him tell his story about me and Flatmattersonline. Hope you enjoy the episode and the series!

The next decade is already in motion….

15 thoughts on “10 Years of Flatmattersonline – The Final Episode

  1. Thanks for the opportunity! It felt really good to say all that stuff! Hopefully people watching will take a moment to appreciate some of the effort that Effraim has put in over the years. on a side note, I’m glad I mentioned Chris Job too when talking about back in the day! It was a phenomenal team effort to keep AM flatland in the mix at the comps.

    • Great stuff Paul, that story was hilarious and brought a lot of memories back. Definitely important to mention Chris, he has done a lot for flatland in the UK.

  2. Paul, you brought humor and a personal touch with how much Effraim impacted your riding & life, which made this a fitting finale in the 10 years series of videos.

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