2001 Philly Pa X Games Flashback Part 2

Such a shame these 2001 X Games edits don’t have volume, but so much good riding from contest and practise session featuring the likes of Art Thomason, Trevor Meyer, Phil Dolan, Viki Gomez, Martti Kuoppa, Stephan Cerra, Chad Degroot, Scott Powell, Matt Wilhelm, Takashi Ito, York Uno, Mike S, Dan Rigby, myself, and Alex Jumelin.

4 thoughts on “2001 Philly Pa X Games Flashback Part 2

  1. I remember hundreds of people standing 7 deep to watch. I was thinking if they had seating for the crowd it would have been as big as the park event. Poor planning helped kill flatland in the X games.

  2. Damn it! Can’t love more of these vids from golden era.. My first dream trip to X-Games as well…. And who did I see first in the morning at Flatland spot? Big-E! I and my fellow were so excited to see Original Haro rider practising. It was such as great time for me to hang around in Phily. Ah that was the time.

    • Definitely a good time Kwon! Lot of memories watching these last night and this morning. Relearnt the halfhiker step through to halfpacker this morning. Once again whoever uploaded these, thank you!

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