2003 X Games

With the X Games currently on in LA, lets go back to a time when flatland was in the XG, and take a look and one of the TV show edits, I actually think this is pretty good show, and representation of flatland contest riding!

6 thoughts on “2003 X Games

  1. That was very cool to see! I never did see Flatland on TV. It was the only reason I used to watch Xgames was to try and see a clip. I have only seen these clips on You Tube. Thank goodness for You Tube!

  2. incredible to think in 2003 there was this level of riding that we thought could not be bettered ,now in 2011 it has gone to incredible heights as Martti’s new edits and Simon o’Briens Deja Vu vid etc has proven that there is still so much more to be done on a bike 🙂

  3. That was a pretty nice presentation, didn’t seem boring at all. However, I can understand how some dude on the couch who doesn’t ride flatland (espn’s main tv audience) would be a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of the moves and then get excited on the next event downhill BMX where he is just watching riders flying through the air, waiting to see a crash. The opening quotes pretty much explain that people are like “What?” when they see it. Even Chad Kagy seems overwhelmed by flatland. I saw the spinning cross footed hitchhiker and I’m stoked, but for someone who doesn’t even know what flatland is or what’s possible on bike, a three second shot is not enough for someone to fully grasp what’s going on.

    • Good points Bobby! The other more underlying question that myself and bobby will get into online shortly, does holding these contests such as the x games sell flatland bikes, what there any evidence? I guess Pat at FF would be good to ask.

  4. The average T.V audience member wants to see big air,speed,crashes,levels of risk etc to them flatland is like circus tricks on a bike i mean would they begin to differenciate the difference between a regular trick or switch or an easy trick or a hard one ? i doubt it ,its too technical for the average Joe to understand as they can’t relate to it

    But a 13 foot no hander etc on vert they can bacause its straight up and down where as a 2 min combo on the flat would confuse anyone outside of flatland ,and agree with Bobby here as these little 3 second clips of tricks on flat you cannot fully comprehend whats going on, the camera work is nothing less than useless,i could do better drunk haha good points on this topic though guys.

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