2010 kicks off with White Friday!!!??

Dolan Friday?!#! Naaaaaaaa………it’s just – Flat Trick Honours!

Hopefully this will be the first of many spot lights on specific tricks that I feel worthy. This week it’s ‘The Nose Manuel’ invented by none other than our very own Phil Dolan.

There are some tricks that have played an important part in producing the modern day flatland. Most of which the ‘K’ lays claim to: Hitchhiker, Backpacker, Hang five, Death truck and the list goes on. But ‘The No Brake Manuel’ is a trick that also belongs in this category as a major contributor, not just to Flatland but BMX as a whole. To me it’s one of those tricks that you knew was possible but you would have to sell your soul to the Flatland demon to get it done. Well….Phil Dolan did! And lived to tell the tale. Let’s find out how the real Nose Manuel was born:

J.W. Wot’s up PD, How things?

P.D. Yeah, I’m good, that was a good little sesh we just had on the ICE!

J.W. Yeah, it was a little cold. Hardcore!! Okay, I want to talk about the Nose Manuel. How did come to be?

P.D. Well of course you were a big inspiration. With your Hangfives on the pedal all those years ago. You called me out on it when we were riding at Trafalgar square that day and it just went from there really.

J.W. Did I beat you?

P.D. No I beat your skinny arse!

J.W. Yeah Yeah! I’m sure!!!; you’ve never beaten me at anything!

P.D. Right outside now! Let’s go!

J.W. Alright, alright calm down. We all know you’re the king at the nose wheelie. That’s what this is all about.

P.D. Okay come on then let’s get on with it.

J.W. Have you ever been mistaken for George Clooney while doing a nose wheelie?

P.D. No! Coz I don’t look like him! What’s this for??

J.W. Cream magazine….Do you think your pinky squeaks back ground helped learn the nose manuel?

P.D. You had to mention the pinky Squeaks didn’t you! You never leave it alone. I think your Jealous of my pinky prowess. Is this really for Cream?

J.W. Yep! You’ve got me; I might even put a front brake back on! Yeah Right!! Back to the Nose Manuel. It’s a really scary trick to learn, to get the balance point right…Did your super size head help your balance.

P.D. RIGHT!! That’s it you little Fucker!

J.W. Get off me! Don’t head butt me…you’re the best you’re the best!!!

Well there you have it. From the pinky squeak King to mastering one of the hardest rolling tricks of all time! That…I am jealous of!

Phil Dolan Dancing on Ice! from James White on Vimeo.

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