MK is idealess!

Yeah right!

David Hoffmann – Autobahn Session (Highway Session)

Rayk Hahne filmed a short video for Alliance BMX after a crash on the highway, on the way to the BMX Masters!

Old School Sundays

So with all you guys posting late entries for the Hitch juggler contest down a slope, all I could think about was Kevin Jones! 52 whiplashes where he went down that road then turned down that huge sloped road on Dorkin’ 5!

2003 X Games

With the X Games currently on in LA, lets go back to a time when flatland was in the XG, and take a look and one of the TV show edits, I actually think this is pretty good show, and representation of flatland contest riding!

David Hoffmann & Art Thomason Hitch Juggler entries!

Wow, since one guy used a slope, this has really opened up! David drops 48 on a big slant, Art 34 on minimal slant, a slant is a slant, where do you draw the line? Top work guys!!

Alexis Desolneux at BMX Masters 2011

Great to see some Alexis footage!

Takuya Higa is promoted from Expert to Pro Class!

Yukipkoproject made this nice edit to celebrate Takuya Higa making it to the Pro Class, elsewhere in the world if you wish to go Pro you can just enter, is that right? Lets hear your thoughts. Congrats to Takuya for making the Pro Class!

Taiko Kaneta in Yoyogi park

Short and sweet chilled edit with Taiko in Yoyogi park.

BMXMasters 2011 – Flatland Moments by Sevisual

Awesome edit of the BMX Masters by Tom @ Sevisual! Really captures the Masters vibe!

Dig-it Jam edits

Good footage from the recent Dig-it jam in japan! Love how these videos show all levels of riding…