Sam Foakes Flatmatters exclusive 2011

Late Wednesday night Sam Foakes made the long trip down from Manchester to experience the Indian summer we are currently having in Southsea! Due to his work commitments Sam hasn’t been riding much lately, not that you could tell, killing it right off the bat at my indoor spot, by the second session at Southsea Skatepark we filmed a brand new combo, pulled for the first time on camera with one of the best saves i’ve ever seen, yesterday was an awesome day! We rode a lot, shot some photos and video. Super fun! Check out this combo and couple of photos below..

Picknick Flatland Jam

Sebastian Grubinger kindly sent in this link from last weekend’s Picknick Flatland Jam, some awesome photos to check out for now, more photos and edits to follow soon…

Just came across this clip from Markus Redlberger, enjoy!

New Simon O’Brien clip

Nice new clip from one of the best riders of all time!

Markus Reich smashes the Pinky Squeak contest!

Holy leg ache! 222!

David Hoffmann brakeless pinky squeak entry

21 is serious brakeless! David Hoffmann delivers, mad skills!

Mates Tucek-Crash Love edit

Untitled from Martin Radiměřský on Vimeo.

Ouch! Mates put together this crash edit, and certainly takes it pretty good in a couple of these clips…

Viki Gomez-“Ride With Us” Campaign

Amazing production on this short promo edit filmed in Barcelona for french sportswear brand “Wrung”, check it!

OG Flat show-Port Lavaca Tx

Aaron Frost, Adam DiClaudio and David Wethersby put on some great shows for the crowd in Port Lavaca, Texas over the Labor day weekend…

Redemption for Jason Kale

If you saw the Jason Kale clip yesterday you will get the title….

Trevor Meyer Summer 2011 Edit

Trevor has been doing shows all summer at Cedar Point in Ohio this summer, looks like hes had plenty of riding time between shows….