2012 Am Flatland Circuit Round 1

The AM Flat series 2012 is kicking off again soon, Steve Lapsley kindly sent us in some information on the first round, check it out!

In 2010 The Am Flatland Circuit catered to BMX flatland’s community of amateur riders. You gained points toward a year end title and their were two classes: Expert and Master.
In 2011, we extended the circuit to include a Pro Class. We also ran a couple of experimental classes: Veteran and Beginner.
For two years so far the class distinctions have been a work in progress. Our goal has been and continues to be to involve and encourage as many riders as possible to come out and compete, and when they do we want them to feel like they are competing against their peers.
With that in mind, the new year brings some new tweaks. I’d like to introduce the 2012 Am Flatland Circuit’s four classes:

Veteran: Riders are over age 30 and still want to compete but maybe don’t fit the Novice or Expert Class.
Novice: Riders range from the entry/beginner to those in the lower teir of 2011’s Expert Class.
Expert: Riders range from the upper tier of 2011’s expert level to 2011’s master class. They’re the top amateur riders at any given event.
Pro: Top tier BMX flatland riders. They’ll compete for a cash prize purse.

For more information on the 2012 AM Flatland Circuit please visit http://amflatlandcircuit.com

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