Travis Collier – My Steaz

I’ve spent the last 10 years as a professional BMX rider. Most of my life has been devoted to bike riding. In a lifetime, it’s a sport you could easily spend 10,000 hours trying to perfect. BMX allows me to travel the world, see new places and new faces. Keeps me inspired. This is my story.

The top 10 videos will be announced on Monday June 11th. Visit to upload your steaz and enter to win $5000 for you and $5000 for for either The Hunger Project, Healthy Child Healthy World, the Whole Planet Foundation, Reef Check or Global Green.

FLATdev 2012 – Shintaro Misawa Interview Session

Shintaro Misawa (Rayyan Ibrahim) talks about his experience with last year FLATdev and how much he is looking forward for FLATdev 2012. As well as some killer riding as always!

Shinde – AresBykes STN

This is pretty cool! Shinde getting it done on a 16″ Ares STN, and not even looking uncomfortable!

FlatDev – Welcome to Historical City of Malaysia

The FlatDev crew kindly sent in this lil’ promo for their competition.

York Uno – AresBykes promo

Smooth stylish line from York in this AresBykes promo! Check it!

Alex Alexandridis – Spring 2012

Dope lifestyle/riding edit from Alex Alexandridis, who’s been on the euro scene as long as I can remember, some unique combos in this one!

Must watch! Dane Beardsley – ESPN edit

Amazing bike control in this new ESPN edit from Dane Beardsley. No one flows like Dane, whether its flatland, trails, or street. It all seems so natural. Take a look!

*Stickied for good reason!

Mates Tuček – New edit

It looks like Mates is starting to get into back wheel riding in this new edit. Good stuff! Check it out!

David Nagy – 2012 Pro Flatland

Dope short edit from David Nagy! Not clear if this a trailer for a bigger edit or not….

Max Aburto – Chile Flat Session

Lil mix of regular filming and rider point of view (gopro) in this new edit from Max Aburto out of Chile.