Boston Flatland Summer 2012

Boston Flatland Summer 2012 mobile edit from kchapman on Vimeo.

Here’s the word from Kieran Chapman.

“I don’t know how other flatland scenes are, but the Boston-area guys I ride with are great. There are new school riders fully embracing the latest styles, older riders who have adapted and continue to push themselves, and the old-timers who are happy doing older tricks. There’s no drama, just riding.”

Riders: Steve Jordan, Jim Cavanaugh, Sean Maher, Brian Chapman, Mike Miller, Freddy Brown, Jon Kenniston, Kieran Chapman, New England, Rick MacDonald.
Locations: Cambridge, Foxboro, East Bridgewater

Old School Sundays with James White & Matt Wilhelm

Without a doubt James White and Matt Wilhelm stole the show this week with two amazing edits in their own right! Check out Matt’s section from 2001, more mid school than old school possibly, but hey its 11 years old! And Whitey’s Mad Matt section from 1995 ifilmed in York, Pennsylania!

Jean-Francois Boulianne wins K-124 Days

JFB is on a roll! Another weekend, another contest win, this time at the K-124 Days A Bad Thing contest in St Pierre De Charttreuse, congrats to JFB, and all the other podium finishers! And Beniot Ligout winner of the Open Class! Below are the results!


1- Jean-Francois Boulianne
2- Didier Genest
3- Quentin Perlorson
4- Jean Bulhon

Open class

1- Benoit Ligout
2- Nicolas Delaporte
3- Stephane Barre