2013 BMX Worlds Pro Final Runs

Martin over at Global Flat filmed almost all the Pro runs from the weekend, if you missed them or want to watch them back without watching the whole show here you go. I posted Adam’s winning ride already so I’ll leave that off here…

3rd- Matthias Dandois – http://vimeo.com/70276704
4th – Terry Adams – http://vimeo.com/70276703
5th – Keelan Phillips – http://vimeo.com/70277259
6th – Dez Maarsen – http://vimeo.com/70283157
7th – Kevin Nikulski – http://vimeo.com/70288934
8th – Waldemar Fatkin – http://vimeo.com/70283261
9th – Aleksi Ritsila – unavailable
10th – Dustyn Alt – unavailable
11th – Bert Ribul – http://vimeo.com/70286079
12th – James White – http://vimeo.com/70288933

4 thoughts on “2013 BMX Worlds Pro Final Runs

  1. I know that the results of a comp always cause debate/arguments so all I will say is props to all who entered pro/am , way too much pressure to ride in or judge. anyone got footage of the others in pro class , maybe practice , thanks

  2. Best bit about Keelan’s run in Whitey’s wry little smile on last tricks. Cheeky little fist pump French lander.

  3. I watched it twice to see the boomerang manoeuvre, then a third time for the look on Whitey’s face. Good to see you back on the circuit Keelan’s. where was the kk on the downtube though???

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