13 thoughts on “2014 Nora Cup Flatland Nominees announced!

  1. @Steph

    When Ryan Fudger sends out the voting list, heres the loose criteria for the award. It’s a good list this year!

    “NORA Cup is a “rider of the year” award, so it should be based on who you think has been killing it starting from NORA Cup 2013 (October), not who’s the best ever, your friend, or teammate. To put it bluntly, this is not a popularity contest.”

  2. Congrats to all five of these guys, who all deserve this award for their own reasons. Looking forward to seeing who gets crowned this year.

  3. it is just as cruel, hard , and unfair as contest judging is. How can you ever give a fair judgment when comparing riders when they all ride so differently ? i wish flatland wasn’t so competitive, it does not need to be.

  4. First—The 5 riders nominated are all amazing riders. here was my reaction after seeing the list……I just looked at the NORA cup awards for flatlander of the year—-I was amazed to see that the 2 top flatlanders were not on the list. Viki is the only rider on the list that can give Martti and/or Shintaro a run for the money.

  5. Simply put…..The 5 riders nominated are on a higher level than most riders world-wide; Martti and Shintaro are on an even higher level than these 5 riders.

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