2017 Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year Nominees are…

The nominees are in for the 2017 Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year to be announced at the Voodoo Jam in New Orelans this weekend.

In no particular order the nominees are:

Alex Jumelin
Matthias Dandois
John Yull
Jean William Prevost
Moto Sasaki

Congratulations to all the nominees….

18 thoughts on “2017 Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year Nominees are…

  1. When thinking (voting) for “Flatlander of the Year” ….
    for those who have earned the right to cast a vote, keep in mind the the award should go to the rider who has done the most for the sport/artform this past year. The ALL ENCOMPASSING award should go to the rider who has done the most:
    —New tricks and combos;
    did the rider bring anything new to the table? The amount of “new” or expanded ideas. Furthermore, are these new ideas expanded across the entire trick-tionary? or are they focused on 1 trick?
    displaying non-contest riding. How many edits were produced in the year? how diverse are these edits from each other? also how diverse are these edits from the rider’s past year’s edits?
    —Shows and demos;
    exposing new kids to flatland and promoting flatland in their own country and around the world. Workshops should also be considered.
    minor and major contest should be considered, and the quality of the riders in these events can also be taken into considerations. for example, one rider might have only gone to a few minor contest with 1 major contest under their belt in which they placed 10th or lower…as compared to a rider who had gone to several dozen contest spanning the world, attending almost ever major contest, and having multiple WINS at these contest beating out multiple “A” or top level pros at these events.
    —Industry contribution;
    How much did the rider contribute to the NON-riding side of the flatland world. This could be done several ways such as:
    hosting a contest.
    producing new product for flatland.
    sponsoring/supporting up coming riders.
    sponsoring/supporting contest other than their own.

    ALL of these factors should be considered when casting a vote. The most well-rounded rider should be crowned “Flatlander of the Year”

    When looking at the 5 nominees, and review their contributions to flatland, their is only ONE rider who stands out and meets all of the criteria at the highest standard. A rider who truly contributed the most to flatland in 2017.
    The choice should be obvious.
    Vote wisely.

  2. The Powell vs. Yull thing was nauseating a long, long time ago…and it’s incredibly patronizing / condescending to be told how you’re supposed to vote, which is a transparent attempt to de-legitimize Yull (see the logical fallacy known as “poisoning the well”, for you intellectuals).

    Which may tip the scales in his favor, if they weren’t already. Can this die now?

    Good luck to everyone who was nominated, all badass riders and people.

    • Another approach to exert his intention could have been to simply write: Don’t vote for the guy whose first language is English. C’est tout!!

  3. I have a really dumb question , HAHAHAHA !! Can ANYONE vote ?? Ive NEVER voted for a N.O.R.A cup rider before , do we vote here on Flatmattersonline , like by email to BIG E , Effraim , OR vote/ email to Ride bmx .com ??!!

  4. Omg. Somehow I have earned a vote and the best thing about it is that I couldn’t vote for Scott Powell, the first self absorbed douche to post on the topic. Karma? or just plain dumb luck….either way, I am voting for the man that shut him down…..

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