2 thoughts on “2019 Southeast Asian Games Finals

  1. ALL these riders are SO damn skilled in this contest , TIMES 7 . Ping has been RULING lately , dudes style , the way he mixes his tricks , Im digging it ! Mexico , Japan , Russia , Germany , Africa , Czech Republic , China , Greece , Australia , New Zealand , etc, etc ……and NOW …….THAILAND . So many parts of the world , riders are bringing some dope entrees to the FEAST, that’s ongoing , on the GLOBAL bmx flatland table , haha…..I suggest riders check out this live stream video ……there some rad combos / tricks being thrown down ! We all saw what PING and BOOM , did @ this years Flatland Voodoo Jam , on their bikes ……along with Phakpoom Posa TOON Art …….the three of these cats are gonna CONTINUE to makes HUGE waves , in the contest scene for 2020 , I bet ………..@ 11.03 MINUTES , Pings cross right fire haul / whip , jumping over his frame , blind …ya think hes gonna land in a side yard / packer , after all…… he is foot jamming , his tire ,like hes going in THAT direction……..NOPE , Ping just steps / jumps ALL THE WAY OVER his frame to a SWITCH hand / foot steam turbine ! Its THIS exact lil detail / transition , in his combo , that had the ENTIRE venue , on their feet , cheering LOOOOOUD , riders , judges , crowd , EVERYONE @ this years Flatland Voodoo Jam in New Orleans . Things like THAT are just small IMPORTANT details in Pings ,and ALL the riders , coming outta THAILAND , that make them really stand out !! Im STOKED to see these guys ride their bikes in the 2020 contest season !!

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