12 thoughts on “25 Hitch Jugglers! Rad Dad’s Contest is heating up!

  1. when I started this with RadDad I wanted to see how many jugglers someone could do with no pumping or any slope Aaron Frost did 11 at the OG and that got the idea rolling. A slope is a slope.

  2. There is no place that is perfectly flat. There will always be some sort of slope. I think as long as its not a hill but a parking lot that is relitivtily flat its will do. It was supposed to be fun so I don’t want to get to picky about slope usesage. Just not a big hill. I think both videos were great. They both worked very hard to get those 25 in. It deftinaly was no just one take and done. Props to both Mark and Chris for putting it down. I can’t wait to see whos going to go for the 30!

  3. What these guys have done is bad ass & I don’t want to take away from that but Mark anything that gives you speed is the same as pumping to me.

  4. Lachlan and I goofed around with a few today at his mini jam at the Christie Pitts ice rink which is actually flat and we both agreed that without a slope to gain speed pulling 25 would be extremely unlikely. That said, and since slopes are definitely being used, maybe that requirement should be dropped. Remember when Jones did more than 50 whiplashes at the end of that dorkin’ video down the slanted road? I bet a ton of guys could do 50 or more with the right kind of slanted street to pull them on.

  5. It took well over 60 attempts over a couple days to reach 25. My legs were usually starting to shake near 20 jugglers. I wish I knew how to pump a hiker so I could see how many I can actually do on my own without a riding area/surface dictating the amount I could or could not do. I think it’d be rad to see that number! However, I can only imagine how much more my legs would be shaking with the extra work to pump the hikers. This was a lot of fun to film but very tiring! I had to have a lot of speed going into the first hiker. I do not think this number would be as attainable in a perfectly flat lot. Unfortunately most riders do not have the option of a perfectly flat lot.

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