94 Shimerville PA Contest – TV Coverage

The quality of the footage is not great, but the riding is, check out Edgar Plascencia, Jay Miron, Dennis Mccoy, Richard Zadzdyr (RIP), Jesse Puente from the 1994 Shimerville PA Contest. Old school sunday comes early.

6 thoughts on “94 Shimerville PA Contest – TV Coverage

  1. The first time I remember seeing footage from this contest was in Mark Eaton’s “Wheelies”. I like it how Jesse is having a laugh at the reporter, calling the bar ride the hardest trick he did, whilst Edgar P. is playing along with the whole deal. 🙂

  2. WHAT ?? they are the hardest tricks aren’t they ? jokes aside this was a great era first saw this in Props issue ….4 or something ,still rad as hell Richard Zabzdyr (RIP) parts and tricks originator this i believe was the day before he passed away.

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