A.B.C OF FLATLAND #4 by Valentin Flad

A.B.C OF FLATLAND #4 from Valentin Flad on Vimeo.

Banging edit from the ABC of Flatland contest in Alencon, France by Valentin Flad featuring the likes of Matthias Dandois, Dominik Nekolny, Viki Gomez, Alberto Moya, Thomas Noyer, Sebastian Grubinger, Sietse Van Berkel, Joris Bretagnolles, and many more! Enjoy this treat!

7 thoughts on “A.B.C OF FLATLAND #4 by Valentin Flad

    • For sure, amazing looking venue, congratulations to Kevin Meyer on what looks the real deal in terms of flatland competitions! Amazing edit from Valentin which really adds to it!

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