A Bike For Che – A Flatland BMX Miracle

If you watch one video today, make it this one!

From the creators of “One Flying Kidney” comes this truly inspiring story of a Nigerian flatlander by the name of Cherechukwu Udenkwere who didn’t have a legitimate bike. But after Shane Hawke left a comment on one of Che’s social media posts, a group of likeminded individuals pooled their resources to hook up the man with a proper flatland bike, and now he’s straight shredding!!! The BMX community is a strong and tight knit group of humans who share a passion and want nothing more than to spread the love.

Back in 2016 quite a few of us were reaching for a hankie over One Flying Kidney, the story of Stuart Crumpton, a rider with renal cancer, and the friends who raised money for Stu’s dream bike to aid his recovery. Two years on, a fighting fit Stu and team are back to pay it forward, joining forces with Ride On (a Facebook group for the discerning older rider) and French flatland company StMartin to try and help out a guy in Nigeria called Che. Che dreams of becoming a great flatlander, but on dirt streets and an old midschool ride, the odds seem heavily stacked against him.

5 thoughts on “A Bike For Che – A Flatland BMX Miracle

  1. WOW!! What a beautiful story, I can only imagine the sheer excitement when Che opened up the box containing a brand new bike..
    And look at him shred on that dirt spot!!! Would love to see him ride on a good paved spot and see how his riding evolves.

    Big thumbs up to all riders and brands involved, and Che if you’re reading this: keep on riding, and hopefully see you in Europe one day!

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