7 thoughts on “A-Style Jam Part 1

  1. only in Japan… when was the last time you’ve seen an 8-9 year old ride flatland ?? we need more kids like this

  2. Yes very awesome Mislav, they have a lot of grassroots events in japan, I believe that helps encourage the younger kids, the rest of the world generally speaking we don’t have that. You always have to look after the future. That kid has great control.

  3. I know… gutted I can’t make it! Still on for Southsea… just need more practice! Effraim, what do you think about a 7 year old coming to ride at Southsea? My grandson, Cohin, is really getting into flatland, and it’d be cool for him to actually be at a comp.

    • That would be great! Theres a lack of contests that are bringing in new names, thats the whole reason, jams are currently blowing up! They are accessible, i’m hoping to have a lil’ different take on the traditional order of events with regard to flatland at King of Southsea this year, try and do my bit towards the future…..

  4. Brilliant! Cohin was really excited when I told him about the jam at the weekend… we’ll both have to get some serious practise in now! See you in August…

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