A Wicked Ride – History of BMX Freestyle in New England

Pure gold from the archives of BMX today that everybody needs to watch and get educated. It is well documented on Flatmattersonline that I am a big fan of the New England flatland scene, growing up sharing Radazine and Wire ‘zine from an early age definitely helped me progress and be really motivated to ride a lot. Scott Moroney came through with this amazing project, don’t sleep on this everyone! Today is a good day!

7 thoughts on “A Wicked Ride – History of BMX Freestyle in New England

  1. I was a young rider that not many people knew during those days. We had a small crew from my town of Acton, MA. Rode 13 and under beginner at the Natick comp in I believe December of ’87 and got second place. I tied Jared Souney for first and I lost the run-off. K-Rob, Lashua, Gollrad, and so many others were all there. That comp motivated me further to compete at KOF in 14-15 intermediate – probably 50-60 riders strong – and later moved up to expert. Such a great scene that not many people know about – so glad for those who made this documentary. If you want to dive deep into flatland (and all freestyle as well) history, just start to google all the names of those in this video. Some great riding to be seen and stories to be told.

  2. There have been lots of movies I’ve watched in my lifetime where I’ve been left feeling like I wish I could be refunded the time. This is a great example of the opposite! ALL of the commentary and interviews were really thoughtful and only served to remind me why I have continued to ride little bikes. It was beyond refreshing to hear such diverse perspectives represented in a film about something that can seem so tiny, at times. My favorite moment in a film full of great ones, was when the one commenter made the distinction between past times we experience as spectators, and those we live as participants. Great stuff!

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