4 thoughts on “Aaron Frost Combo

  1. i tell ya what Aarons pedal karls are the whole reason im a bit obsessed with that trick, i saw him doin them in some old vid ( in a straight line which is way harder) and now ive finally got them inside circle, thanks aaron and thats a sweet link as well, might try scuffing mine though i reckon thats another kettle of fish entirely!

  2. @ 12 SECONDS…….his PEDAL Karl ….rolling it in a INSIDE circle , with a turbine and a single kick ! So damn good , RESPECT , Aaron ……PEDAL Karls are still a move that you don’t see a lot of that much……Leo Claro De Silva , Aaron , and Sean Peters have some serious bragging rights in flatland , haha…..its such a rad move , couldn’t even imagine the balance point to properly hold one , WOW !

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