ABC of Flatland 2014 / A Bmx Film

Non rider, Lavergne Julien put together this amazing edit that tells us all some of the ideas behind the ABC of Flatland event. I don’t normally run the descriptions much on Flatmatters, but this one was a good one!

“ABC of Flatland is a student’s project which is born in January 2013. This idea was to create a BMX international tournament. Lead by Kevin MEYER, a BMX professional rider, and students, this project came alive.

EDA (Ensemble-dynamisons-Alençon) helped us by giving us all the ressources to create this international event.

The success of the 2013-2014 edition, make it possible for this year 2014-2015. The riders of last year were so pleased with the atmosphere, they decided to come back this year.

Our goal is to make of Alençon the meeting point of all the French and international riders, to share our passion with the audience.

See you next year !”

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