14 thoughts on “Adam DiClaudio’s new Custom London Bikes ride!

  1. i like it, i wouldn´t ride it though. It´s like looking into an alternate universe that started after viki and marti made the first kgbs. like now, but in a different universe. And no, I have not smoked any pot today.

  2. i don’t really like the looks of the bars and frame…. but big props to London and Adam for having the courage/audacity/independant and free state of mind to come up with something totally different than what everyone is expecting, iit is a good thing that some poeple show different ideas from the mainstream orientation (street looking bikes).

  3. Looks amazing. Very futuristic. I would love to take a stroll on that thing! Props to London Bikes for thinking outside of the box and not being just another carbon copy of everything else that is out there right now. Progress.

  4. props for designing and making a bike exactly as you wanted it to be. to me it looks a little like a scooter with 20″ wheels on it but if it rides well and you like it thats what counts.

  5. Is this a joke? A fucking I-beam? Give me a break. Just when you thought frames couldnt get more idiotic…This has officially crossed this line into pure nonsense. I know for certain that its a quality made product (London), but the design is laughable.

  6. It would be generous to even call that bike. What about…. If you turned the thing sideways, and put the seat on the headtube…you could do so unicycle flat too….! :S

  7. Hit the link to check it out with full description of all the parts. Its a good read. Plus it shows the bike in its finished color which is AWESOME!

  8. I would definetly want ot try it and see how it handles. not my taste tough but every detail on this bike has its own purpose so props for that.

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