9 thoughts on “Adam Kun – 2013 BMX Worlds Winning Ride

  1. Glad i am not a judge!!!, but if i had to pick a winner i would say Adam ON the fact he has a good mix of front and back wheel stuff, Dom is a beast! with some of the hardest combos in flatland, but would be nice to see him mix it up a little. i know if he did add a back wheel link it would be nuts!!

  2. It’s ridiculous to judge someone on what they did not do (e.g. a mix of front and back wheel tricks). The only thing that should ever count is what a person does pull off. It’s not fair to fault someone for choosing to focus on one wheel more than another or, exclusively or, for running brakes or not. If a contest is to judge anything real it must only count what each rider successfully did accomplish–anything else is bogus.

  3. Theirs diffculty in variety. Its not very hard to learn a new trick thats very similar to something you can already do. Doms steam to halfpack at 35 sec is very similar to the hang five link he attempted later. Adams ability to do a half cab whopper isnt going to make that backwards manual any easier. I’m a big fan of Dom and he would have probably won if it werent for the touches though.

  4. Brandon!
    I totally agree that we (the judges) are supposed to judge what happens in the runs, not what’s NOT happening. But we DO compare each rider to the other competitors. So I believe it is a valid point to say a rider doing tricks on both, front wheel and back wheel shows more variety in overall bike control. And to sum things up, that’s what I want to see, bike control, making the bike do what you want it to do.
    Mike S., one of three

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