Adam Kun – Chillin’ Switch!

Adam brings back an old move and makes it new in this chilled switch edit from Sevisual. Here’s what Adam had to say about it: “here is a lil combo for u! It took 1 min to create and 5 mins to pull, kind of a “never do it again” link! Enjoy and ride on guys”… Check it!

13 thoughts on “Adam Kun – Chillin’ Switch!

  1. I’ve done something like that before. but from a pedal hang 5 and linked it to cross foot halfpacker.
    fun trick.

  2. I have nothing to prove to you gary. Even if i made a video, what would i get? big fat NOTHING.

    the fact that you would doubt that i can do this actually tells me how much of a begginner level flatlander you are.

    that trick is not that difficult to do. garyflyer why dont you show us your pics/ vids. Why dont u lead by example.

  3. Therapy whats your real name ? Mr Pretentious ,Mr i love myself or how about Mr Shut the F*** up ,yeah thats the one . Bet you have a lot of friends hahaha .FOOL

  4. Adam i love your bike! Nice move- he is stylish and easy going… perfekt.
    thanks man

    @ therapy
    prefer to drive bmx and write shit is not always so much here in the forum that many people go to the egg! people would not even give her name, are usually just before egg heads

  5. Archon: The trick has been thought of and executed in several varations. I believe I am the only person to do it crossfooted, or to throw the foot over the bar *after* bringing the rear wheel up. I also glide and kickscuff turbine glide, as opposed to him doing it the ‘feathered break’ style where you use your foot as a constant pressure gauge on the tire. I’ve seen Alex J. doing that alot in the past 6 months in edits aswell.

    Anyways, you can see my version at 23 seconds here:

    And at 40 seconds is a nice long backwards glide half lash out.

    It should be noted that jesse puente has been doing that for a very long time (starting with foot over the bar and then gturn, scuff/kick/turbine, and chad johnson also has a variation of the trick that I dont think he’s done any video of.

  6. Sean just to note that trick your on about dates back to 1987 here in the UK when Scotty Freeman came overfrom USA him and fellow Skyway team rider Brit Carlo Griggs were trying a freak squeak on the pedal just in a straight line scuffing it was 1987 haha they both came up with it and called it the ” Scarlo Squeak” ,thats the origins i believe .

    now with yourself ,Chad etc its progressed to insane levels turbined,in circles etc thats one trick i will get on today never tried it but looks so much fun.

  7. cool trick !! love it, but i wouldn’t try it unless i have a shoe sponsor giving me shoes for free 😉 well just kidding not serious, but i guess this vader burns soles pretty quickly, non ?

  8. Howard: I suppose I should have been more specific. The trick was done probably even before that !!! (1987)….its not some new concept, but I cant help but feel that the whole ‘scuffing’ vs ‘gliding’ makes certain tricks almost as if they are new tricks. Bear in mind this is not some universal rule i apply towards riding….but some positions its relatively easy to control while scuffing and to do it without scuffing is a really different universe. And frankly some are in alot of ways easier, for example peg wheelie turbines which i think are easier once you learn them without the scuff.

    A good example would be doing pedal 5 gturns with a scuff/kick to snap you back around, and doing a nose wheelie and turbining it backwards and forwards without the scuff. Frank Lukas has done it on video and a asian rider i cannot remember now. Doing it without the scuff is a different universe in that position and really re-invents the trick into a new trick!

  9. Here we are bitches 1988 Darren Pelio 1:17 in the trick everbody is now doing Sean fontenotdot ,Jesse” Al Capone original G ” Puente ,Adam Kun,Chad Johnson its an ancient trick hardly new.

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