Adam Kun wins the 2013 BMX Worlds!

We just wrapped up Pro Flat finals at the 2013 BMX Worlds. Congratulations to Adam Kun, Dominik Nekolny and Matthias Dandois. I will post the rest of results later on. Hope you all enjoyed the livefeed.

1- Adam Kun
2- Dominik Nekolny
3- Matthias Dandois
4- Terry Adams
5- Keelan Phillips
6- Dez Maarsen
7- Kevin Nikulski
8- Waldemar Fatkin
9- Aleksi Ritsila
10- Dustyn Alt
11- Bert Ribul
12- James White

13 thoughts on “Adam Kun wins the 2013 BMX Worlds!

  1. I have no idea how Adam placed 1st. I am very interested to see how Dom and Matthias runs went. Adam touched a few times, but didn’t think his links were anywhere lengthly or as technical as Dom’s and Matthias usual runs.

  2. After watching the top three final vids I think I would have given the win to Dom. Cool stuff all around though.

    • @Brandon F – The last 35 seconds of Dom’s run, where he tried the hang 5 flip to halfpacker over and over cost him. Great contest, amazing atmosphere!

  3. Adam totally deserved it! So much variety and consistency in his run….very good job.

    I’m just interested how everyone else got placed. Keelan had a great run too

  4. how does missing one trick 3x overshadow dom doing some of the hardest tricks of the contest? the 1/2hiker pressure flip to 1/2pack alone should have won him the contest

  5. That was after time, so it didn’t count (on the judges sheets)! We made sure the riders knew how we were going to handle time issues.
    I don’t mind the judging debate after almost every contest. As long as it’s reasonable. I’d appreciate if you all realized you might not exactly know what happened if you “only” watch videos that might leave things out.

  6. Everyone seems to forget that the riders are judged on how they rode [i]that day[/i] in the allotted time. Going for a difficult combo multiple times with a lot of misses should be scored lower – if it were a best trick contest, then it would be different, but it’s not about one hard trick, it’s 3 minutes of riding.

    I wish they would bring the best trick jam circle contest back – it’s great to see the riders throw caution to the wind and go for the craziest stuff without the pressure to pull everything.

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