AFA Flatland Contest Olds Cool – Huntington Beach

I was stoked when the news broke, Mr Bizhouse Shawn White won the Olds Cool class at the Round 1 stop of the 2019 AFA flatland series in Huntington Beach, California. Peep this nice short edit Juca Favela put together featuring the top 2 in the Olds Cool class, Shawn White and Gabriel Jimenez.

1st Shawn White and 2nd Gabriel Jimenez “Gabo Underjam Bike Shop ” from Mexico

4 thoughts on “AFA Flatland Contest Olds Cool – Huntington Beach

  1. So Stoked To be out there! Great Time with Everyone! Viva Gabo!
    Great EDIT by Juca Favela
    Thank You Big E!
    It was FANO’s Birthday that day also

  2. You look really happy Shawn,& that’s great to see. For the record, I think your Bizhouse products were amongst the best.

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