AFA Round 1 Photogallery 2 by Matt Coplon

We are back with Part 2 photogallery from the AFA Round 1 contest in Orlando, Florida courtesy of Matt Coplon over at Profile Racing. Enjoy the photographs!

JWP AFA Round 1 jpeg

Jean William Prevost aka Dub on his way to his first win of the 2016 contest season in Orlando, Florida.

Andrew Sheltraw AFA Round 1 jpeg

Andrew Sheltraw caught mid stem brakeless boomerang on his way to 6th place in the Expert class. Props to this guy who makes it to pretty much every event in North America!

Dax W AFA Round 1 jpeg

Dax Wolford was on fire in Florida, cliff turbines dropped into peg wheelie to whopper. Boom!

Chris Babin AFA Round 1 jpeg

Chris Bain tweaked out on a lung spin, taking home the second place in the expert class. Congratulations Chris!

Bryan Huffman AFA Round 1 jpeg

Contest veteran, Bryan Huffman no handed inside switch b on his way to ninth place in the pro class!

Michael Shao AFA Round 1 jpeg

Nice capture here of Michael Shao working his way through steamroller combo, fifth place in expert for Michael.

Nikola Olic AFA Round 1 jpeg

London Bikes Nikola Olic finished up 11th place in the Pro class, smooth rolling styles for days.

Dax Wolford AFA Round 1 jpeg

Dax Wolford, crackpacker turbines in the Florida sunshine.

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