AFA Round 1 Photogallery by Matt Coplon

The rebirth of the AFA association is here, Round 1 of the 2016 AFA series kicked off in Orlando, Florida. Huge props to Chad Degroot, James McGraw, Joe Cicman and everyone involved for pulling this one off. Today we have a sweet photo gallery from the event by Profile’s Matt Coplon. Enjoy the shots.

Dax Wolford AFA Round1 jpg

Dax Wolford made a huge impression in Orlando, taking a well deserved 2nd place with a flawless second run. Great action shot here mid hang 5 to halfpacker.

Isaiah Jordan AFA Round1

Isaiah Jordan made the trip down to Florida all the way from North Carolina, ending up tenth place at Round 1. Here caught mid Cliff turbine.

james McGraw AFA Round 1 jpeg

The man behind the rebirth of the AFA, James McGraw, back wheel pivot on his way to 6th place at Round 1.

Lee Musswhite AFA Round 1 jpeg

Lee Musselwhite made the trip all the way from the UK for Round 1 of the AFA series and ended up with a third place podium finish. Classic Musselwhite steez right here.

Scott Weaver AFA Round 1 jpeg

To this day, I never seen anyone else roll in this position. Scott Weaver is a beast, great to see him back on the contest scene. Knee 5 on his way to 5th place.

Tyler Gilliard AFA Round 1 jpeg

First time in a while Tyler Gilliard didn’t have far to go to compete in an event, and Tyler took home 4th place with a nice second run.

Will Redd AFA Round 1 jpeg

London Bikes head honcho, Will Redd made the trip to Florida all the way from Texas. Crackpacker on his way to seventh place.

Chris Babin AFA Round 1 jpeg

Chris Babin, tweaked pedal 5 on his way to second place in the Expert class! Congratulations Chris!

Part 2 Photogallery from the AFA Round 1 contest tomorrow, thanks Matt Coplon for contributing some great photographs from the event!

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