AFA Round 3 PRO Runs Unedited – Huntington Beach, CA 2018

Shawn White of Bizhouse fame came through with the full runs from the AFA Round 3 in Huntington Beach, California! Just over two hours of unedited contest footage, you can watch the top three runs listed below with the timings:

Jean William Prevost: 157:45.
Matthias Dandois:139:15
Pete Brandt: 127:46

2 thoughts on “AFA Round 3 PRO Runs Unedited – Huntington Beach, CA 2018

  1. From what I watched of James McGraw in practice,& in past edits, like a fine wine, he’s riding as smooth as ever and at 48, I think, he is. You can tell he thinks about being creative and original. He’s also progressed quite a bit, from when I first saw him on Diversion, I think it was, he’s really put time into evolving on the back wheel.

  2. Something a bit different,seeing Dandois ride to the music of the boss.Wow what a great little contest.Not many people there,but so lucky for the spectators to be up close to the action.Would of been a awesome experience for the people there.

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