Against all Odds: A BMXers journey through South America

Against all Odds : A BMXers journey through South America from IGI BMX / FAREAST / DUB on Vimeo.

Dub breaks this one down for us, I’m about to sit down with cuppa and enjoy this! The igiBMX bandwagon tour of South America, read on:

“Against all Odds is a BMX Flatland film documenting the travels of three good friends attempting to drive a beat up 1992 Mazda 323 through the winding roads of South America. Watch as they experience unfamiliar climates and settings from the dryness of the Chilean Atacama desert to the heights of the Bolivian Altiplano with one goal in mind, make it all the way to Bogotá, Colombia.
This journey wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of our sponsors : Nomi Trademark, Amnesia Shop, Hommage Bike Shop, Far East Cycles, Flatlandfuel and .
We would also like to thank everyone who gave us a hand
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Follow the riders @benjam1n_hudson, @takukasa, @jwilliamp on instagram or Facebook.”

17 thoughts on “Against all Odds: A BMXers journey through South America

  1. Just WOW! really brought the message,how much can you take,and keep with the goal in mind, I never seen other parts of the world,but would love to see,So much scenery in this,and worth the hardships to see it all,Thanks for not giving up after the first breakdown,I would have been done at that point

  2. so good!! These 47 minutes passed like it was really not all that time, tks to the great editing all the way I guess. I surprised myself to be worried about what’s next on that moment with the problem on the Peruvian fog, but you guys are allright today haha. And what is showed at 28’36 is still incredible (but several thousand years old, so who knows if that’s human). And is Taku the only one who broke parts during the trip? So great video, tks for sharing it because that makes feel good!

    • Oh man Taku wasnt so lucky as at many spots he would experience flat tires and broke his axle at the top of La pAz was a bit of a bummer. We didnt find any riders in Bolivia but recently Taku met one in Argentina where the rider lives. Thanks for the good words, our goal was a simple one but not the easiest, but I hope to recreate something of that feel in the coming months on and off the bike. Tricks are only the beginning 🙂

  3. yep i loved this.and it reminded me of my first california trip with 300 dollars for 3 months ha glad it worked out for theses freestyle cats

  4. Great concept, great freestyle, wild situations, tons of smiles…loved this. Makes me want to travel even more to experience real life around the world. Thanks bubs…great edit, great editing, captured so much…hell yes. Thank you.

  5. Uou What a trip!
    I really liked to watch, is so good when we share this kind of moments with our frinds. I am happy to see my friends from Peru, that spot in Lima is so good.
    Learning with the journey.
    Well done guys.

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