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  1. Marttis brought excitement back to flatland in my opnion, people want to watch flat when tricks like this fast speed rolaid are getting thrown down. I just read on matthias' blog that he's doing steam kickflip to crackpacker at fast speed in japan, amazing!

  2. Can someone explain why everyone including Martti is making such a fuss about those perverted rolaids?
    Martti is a god, of course, but Perry Mervar was doing those (with brakes) faster and better on a much longer and heavier bike back in 1990 and Chase did countless variations brakeless from the mid-90's onwards.
    Just to be totally clear, I'm not criticizing anyone, I think Martti is incredible and his contribution to flat beyond words, but I just don't understand why a man of his talent is so amped about the rolaid when to my mind he has invented and pioneered so much other harder, more complex and awesome stuff. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

  3. George I think it's honestly because it's scary for marttibto do this trick… I would say it's not really his kind of trick, he's out of his comfort zone with this… I wish moe riders would do the same. And yes Perry mervar ripped at that trick, it's a timeless trick… Matt Hoffman laid down an Indian air when he was what 14 or 15 Years old and just last week bestwick did the same trick and everyone is marvelling at that trick… Bmx is always on a cycle, I'd be stoked if flatland became more timeless in that eay, the rolaid is small example.. At least for me, what do you think?

  4. Apologised for my crap spelling…. Typing quickly on an i phone doesn't help…. Georges comment reminded if new England video I saw years ago that had some guy doing mega fast can can rolaid, no idea who the guy was… I may have to contact Kieran chapman about that….

  5. I see what you mean Effraim and if Martti brings back to popularity the rolaid then that would be great. I agree that there should be more timeless tricks in flat, and there are so many great tricks that are overlooked by most.
    The comparison with Jamie Bestwick's indian air is fair but that said I doubt that JB saved the indian for his final trick and then threw down his bike in triumph afterwards? 🙂 but then it's all about the personal journey so if the rolaid was a personal triumph for Martti then that's cool.
    Speaking of overlooked decade tricks do you remember Stephen Bisseker's barn dance to backwards decade? it was on some video filmed at Trafalgar Square but I can't remember the name of the vid.

  6. No George certainly wasn't bestwicks last trick, I'm not even sure what his last trick was…. There was so much good stuff in his runs, but the Indian stood out…
    Stephan bisseker was def ahead of his time, yes I remember that barndance to backwards decade, that would be crazy now!!!!!
    Getting back to the rolaid, I think also it stands out, every one is doing stuff in circles and at similar speed. Then martti comes hacking from the quarter, perhaps a welcome break….

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