Ahead of the time- Yammer

We featured a lil of Yammer yesterday on Old school sundays, watching modern day flatand you can see what a massive influence Yammers riding has had. Whether its the halfpacker inside xft steam pivot to steam switch that a lot of people still do,or just the style. Heres a small part from “sleepwalker”, Yammer deservedly was killing everyone around this time period, winning big events, king of ground, circle of balance in germany, flatground in holland, nowadays Yammer takes a backseat at the contests and is helping out with judging. Which is great to see. Much respect due!

12 thoughts on “Ahead of the time- Yammer

  1. Thats a good point Diego, i mean where do you draw the line, guys are still doing whoppers for example, which is you probably know, a very very old trick.

  2. i guess the only new school is the bike designs, i say "old school" when i see old school bikes with old school bars ya know? like grave yard bars for example or even older with double crossbars lol

  3. I really get excited to see this style of riding and way of moving around the bike. I feel like there is so much variety possible if this way of moving (an older and dope style) was incorporated with the newer wheelchair pumping style used today.

    Great stuff!! yama rules!!

  4. Rolaids,Hitchikers,Whoppers,pinky squeaks,Backpackers,halfpackers and hikers, Hang 5's,whiplashes etc all old tricks still incorporated in todays modern riding a mix of old and new blended together.
    good point Diego old school,new school, whose school our school.

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