Aki testing the Focus

Akihiko Takahashi New movie May 2009 from third-kind on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Aki testing the Focus

  1. amazing riding from akihiro!! love the backwards tea kettle jump to backwards halfpacker is insane!! great edit, wondering where that riding spot is, yokohama???

  2. nope, that is in Chiba, his local town…east side of Tokyo…

    it is actually a parking lot of a factory where he works.

    love his new moves…also he placed 5th on that contest in Osaka last week….

  3. cheers for the info mislav, i wonder how far that spot was from where we were staying then? oh well, another spot to visit if i can make it over there again 🙂

  4. well, I think Aki said it takes him 1 hour by train to Shinjuku…so it is same distance as that Yokohama spot, only to the east…

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