Akira Okamura wins 35 UP Flatland Jam

Congratulations to Akira Okamura who won the 35 UP Flatland Jam at Trinity Skatepark, peep the nice edit below showing footage from the Open and Novice Class. Thanks to Valance Drakes sending this one in!

Open Class:
1st:Akira Okamura
2nd:Shinichiro Hara
3rd:Yoshihiro Shinde

Novice Class:
1st:Nobuaki Komoto
2nd:Tomoyasu Nozaki
3rd:Masataka Nakadai

6 thoughts on “Akira Okamura wins 35 UP Flatland Jam

  1. Novice class!?!? Wow. Still developing handling skills but their tricks are no joke! So good. I love seeing these smaller contests in the Japanese scene. Positive energy!

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