7 thoughts on “Alberto Moya – Battle in the Rockies

  1. That is mind-blowing. If he doesn’t win a spot, I can’t wait to see what beats this. That’s some Jedi stuff right there.

  2. I wanted to vote for Giannis in just but since he is entering AM.

    So good, Moya forces himself to do all his hard and original shit in one run. This is what video contest is about, not just doing your contest run, really pushing yourself.

    Cliffhanger king in both senses of the word. On the edge of your seat for the whole run!

    Viva Colon!

  3. Ive watched THIS SO many F-KN times !!! THIS is HOW you ride for a video entry contest !!! COMPLETLY banging / original / TECHNICAL / HIIIIIIGGGH-level combo -TIMES 7 !!! Alberto is SUCH a RIPPER !!! The KICKLESS , flowing flap jack , ONE HANDED -FULL bar to SPINNING cliffhanger , the WAY he ozzzzzzzess that TURBINE , IMMEDIATLY after butter-slipping to half packer , AND the CONTROLLED / BACKWARDS pumping cliff , etc !!! SLLLLAAAAAMMMMED combo !!!!!

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