5 thoughts on “Alberto Moya: Cologne BMX Worlds 2019

  1. LOOK @ that CONTROL…. on that crazy rear peg hook hold / Karlish ONE handed , FULL ON leeeaanned over move he STARTS his run with !! I don’t even know what he calls THAT move , or ANY of his MATRIX style , wild rolling , SLO-MO / HAMMER tricks , haha. MOYA friggin RULES , stoked Kevin @ Els uploaded his run ………Im quite sure Alberto has done THIS……A FLAWLESS run @ a MAJOR event with ALL the heavy hitters , TWICE ! I think he BUSTED OUT a FLAWLESS run @ Malte Orths , Fight The Winter event , the last one . THATS some CLOUT right there………..turning in a FLAWLESS run WITH all of your OWN switches / tricks . Moya has been refining his already dope riding style like crazy this past two years ..NON STOP !

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