Alberto Moya on iGi

It’s that time of year when sponsorship deals happen pretty regularly, and a nice surprise I just caught on instagram. Dub just signed up Spanish style cat, Alberto Moya onto iGi! Here’s what Dub had to say: “He stands out for being one of the slowest yet most stylish and original riders.” Look out for some cool projects throughout the year with iGi..

2 thoughts on “Alberto Moya on iGi

  1. Hell , his B.I.T.R. video entry combo from 2014 ………ALONE , makes this GREAT news for Alberto , well EARNED / DESERVED !! RESPECT to Dub for building a team with MULTIPLE banging DIVERSE riding styles ! I GOT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I.G.I !!!!

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