Aleksi Ritsilä’s “TSB14” part

Aleksi Ritsilä’s “TSB14” part from Julius on Vimeo.

Aleksi’s TSB14 section has just been released online, Aleksi had this to say: “In 2012, I made a decision to fully revamp my riding and leave my old tricks behind to explore a new style.
We filmed this part with Julius during 2013, and though I feel I just started this new journey in bmx,
I´m happy to bring you this: no pumps, “pedal to pedal”, simplistic flatland style, with some sketchy street riding.As I continue this pursuit of new expressions in bmx, I find my motivation for riding at an all-time high. Thank You & Ride on!”. Hit the link below to watch the full video:

8 thoughts on “Aleksi Ritsilä’s “TSB14” part

  1. Perfect balance between pegs and pedal tricks and street/flat. Such a good rider! I feel alot of people sleep on his riding or don’t get it.

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