Alencon BMX Flatland Contest – 16th February

Check the venue!

Kevin Meyer got in contact with news of an event he is organising in a few weeks, in Northern France.

“I organize an event in Normandie France at Alençon (61000), it will take place the 16th February at the “Halle au Blé” one of the beautifull monument of the city and we have a lot of free help by local shopkeeper.
We will install a giant screen with music and Dj and we’re working on some good stuff.

For the moment, riders who will be there are :
Adam Kun
Joris Bretagnolles
Yannick Chauvel
Jean Michel Chauvel
The club of condé-sur-noireau (of Yannick)
Jean Buhlon
and many more who are about to confirm.

It will be two class : Amateur / Pro

For the amateur class it will be some goodies.

We are working on a price money for the Pro (we have a little one but we are trying to increase it).

If you want to find somewhere to sleep you can go to my house (contact me by e-mail/Facebook) or you can find a hotel in the city.

Contact :

2 thoughts on “Alencon BMX Flatland Contest – 16th February

  1. I used to ride in Alencon from 1984 to the late 80’s…Some guy named Yannick Tanneau (?) was the first guy i ever saw riding flatland there… he used to rip so hard it’s impossible to describe here. He could do all the big tricks of the time ( and more) on a Raleigh!. (the gold one with black skyways) .. He was a bit of a Kevin Jones material but never bothered going to any contest or anything…i often wonder what happened to him…

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