Alençon Contest edit 2013

Nice edit from the Alençon in France, organised by Kevin Meyer. What a venue!
This edit features Kevin himself, Chris Bohm, Arnaud Gravey, Matthieu Bonnecuelle – check his backwards facing double whiplash at 1:45!!, Charles Paty, Romain Dodelier, Thomas Noyer, Keelan Phillips, Joris Bretganolles, and of course the winner Viki Gomez!

2 thoughts on “Alençon Contest edit 2013

  1. I dont know if anyone’s sleeping on this edit, but its insanely good.

    The riding from Chris, Thomas and Keelan in particular was crazy crazy off the hook for contest level.

    Was really pumped on keelans karl kruiser to 1.5 boomerang switch into a crazy long link!

  2. So much good stuff in this edit, which included the backwards facing double whiplash. I chuckled as Keelan’s bike kept going and going. That ghost ride almost entered the audience.

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