Alex Jumelin – 1st Fise Edmonton Semi Final

Alex Jumelin had a one touch run to take the top spot going into todays final at Fise Edmonton, hit play to check this one out if you missed the full broadcast we already posted.

1. Alex Jumelin
2. Matthias Dandois
3. Jean William Prevost
4. Viki Gomez
5. Benjamin Hudson
6. Kevin Nikulski
7. Hidenori Ishizaki
8. Moto Sasaki

2 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin – 1st Fise Edmonton Semi Final

  1. Loving Jumelins riding style these days ! X- leg nose manuals , fakie flails , nose manual drop downs to cross fire haul rolls , front to back ,single kick Vaders , etc , etc …….and the mixing of fakies to continue , flow his lines . Super progressive , freestyled , slaaammmmmed riding ! Him riding to Booba in contests sometimes , makes it even sweeter .

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