Alex Jumelin breaks into BMX industry!

Exciting news in from the med – bmxgroupment that run St Martin/Superstar in France, read on

St-Martin, BMX Groupment’s flatland brand, is proud to announce the following news.
French team rider Alex Jumelin has found a new challenge beside riding flatland : he is about to open AJ BMX Cave webstore. Alex lives in New Orleans, LA, USA, his wife teaching in a french school there. It means AJ BMX Cave is an american company. Beside selling online, AJ BMX Cave will become the new USA distributor for St-Martin and Superstar (BMX Groupment’s street/park brand). The first goods will reach AJ BMX Cave warehouse in the coming week. Riders and dealers interested in working with AJ BMX Cave should contact Alex here :

Bonus message : BMX Groupment would like to thank Sidewall Distribution for the work they have done for the last 5 years, in the USA.

Alex has a strong background in business already. For sure he will succeed with AJ BMX Cave. Good luck in that adventure, Alex !

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