Alex Jumelin Flatland School in New Orleans

You may remember that Alex had a flatland school in Paris a few years ago. That school run for many years at his infamous training spot in the suburbs of Paris. Now Alex has taken the idea to a school in New Orleans, and is putting in some work to the grassroots scene in the US! Heres what Alex had to say:

“I’m in charge of a new project to develop flatland in new orleans .
The international school of louisiana (ISL ) ask to built a bmx flatland team , out of a 25 kids audition i selected 9 kids to be part of it.
My mission is to teach those kids how to ride flatland , they learn tricks and ride under my advice from 8 to 3 everyday for the next 2 weeks.
It’s a very good experience and motivate me to start a real flatland school here in new orleans.”

3 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin Flatland School in New Orleans

  1. Very cool.. I hope the kids who didn’t get picked can still participate. One of the thing I love about the sport is that its for everyone.

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