Alex Jumelin – ISL BMX School

ISL BMX SCHOOL from alex jumelin on Vimeo.

Alex Jumelin has been teaching a group of kids at the ISL School in New Orleans, check out this dope edit which goes through the progression of the kids during their two weeks tuition with Alex and Guests, Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams. Good times!

15 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin – ISL BMX School

  1. so much thanks guys .
    the kids are really not understanding how inspiring it could be for us to see them progressing like this , but they love flatland for ever now ….

  2. Great job Alex !
    And great job you all young riders ! This kind of tailwhip reminds me my beginnings so many yrs ago…haha. But as you all wrote, it takes me much longer to put it.
    Only one thing is wrong about me. I think that brakes are really important in the beginnigs. But as I saw some of them have front brake in the end of vid.
    All young riders I saw riding early brakeless frozen and stop riding pretty fast.

  3. Kids are so motivated at this age. Bmx is such a good thing for a oid to be shown at that age.
    Waiting for my boy to grow up so i can pass the torch

  4. It was an honor to be a part of this. It was also amazing to see Alex with these kids. He’s great with them.

  5. Man, this is sooooo awesome. Great job Alex. What you did with these kids is bigger than any contest you’ve ever won or any trick that you’ve ever invented. Keep up the great work.

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