Alex Jumelin OG Birthday Jam – Saturday 24th Nov

Alex Jumelin hit me up with some news. Read on for the juice…

As you maybe know i’m turning 35 next week end ( i know, i’m old hahaha )
I’m gonna go to AUSTIN witch is for me one of the most stylish city in the usa ; austin is also a place where you can find one of the biggest flatland and street scene in the usa .
The concept of the event is pretty easy, let’s share a good time on a saturday afternoon.
I’m gonna have a few prizes to give away from some of my sponsor; some calendar offers by ST MARTIN, SPMK tee shirt and of course some FREEGUN UNDERWEAR.
To win this prices riders would have to participate at a few contest like :
-the longest hang five
-the longest nose manual
-the funky chicken fight ……….. and many more .

Yes for my birthday I would like to make present to rider 🙂
So of course it is open to everyone and it is free, please if you ride bmx and you are in the usa or even somewhere else in the world, please come to my birthday.
see you all next week end.
thanks to matthias for the flyer.
thanks to OG crew.

4 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin OG Birthday Jam – Saturday 24th Nov

  1. Maybe we’ll get an ATX tattoo for Alex for his birthday. He needs one too. Matthias told me “I love Austin”…I tell him, you need an ATX tattoo. He shows up to the OG with one the next time we see him. Ha ha!

    This is going to be a fun couple of weeks…can’t wait.

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