Alex Jumelin qualifies first at Fise!

Photo: Catfish.

Congrats to Alex, JF and Guelo top 3 in qualifying at Fise yesterday, the finals are today! Not much news to report other than Viki had a bad crash hurting his hand on the handlebar. Get well soon Viki!

1-Alex Jumelin
2-JF Boulianne

5 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin qualifies first at Fise!

  1. whether people like it or not, it’s flatland – bmx freestyle and those guys deserve respect for it, otherwise go bust against them if it’s so easy stop the talkin’ ……..again the same complain, get over yourself. Really if you don’t like don’t look at it

  2. WTF who’s complaining ?? me or Denny ,i merely said tough pro class which it was there is some good guys in that pro class , why you getting all shirty for ? ,are you for real Hollande ? or just a bit over sensitive or in love with Alex , i will tell him you are haha and i have competed against Alex at comps Urban Games,Circle Cow etc etc we lived together in Paris for 2 years , guess you have no idea what a Woody Hop is huh ? quit your crying on every post baby and get a life boo hoo.

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