Alex Jumelin wins Fise Edmonton!

Photo credit: The Agency.

Congratulations to Alex Jumelin who took the win at the Fise Edmonton Fise World stop last night with a great run you can watch back below, Alex followed on the podium by Jean William Prevost and Matthias Dandois. There was also a game of bike right after finals, that was won by Terry Adams. Quite a day for the French, winning the World Cup and the Fise, party time!

1. Alex Jumelin
2. Jean William Prevost
3. Matthias Dandois
4. Kevin Nikulski
5. Moto Sasaki
6. Benjamin Hudson
7. Viki Gomez
8. Hidenori Ishizaki

One thought on “Alex Jumelin wins Fise Edmonton!

  1. Congrats Alex on your win. It’s great seeing a veteran beat a younger rider. Not that that’s dig at younger riders. I just love seeing older riders still holding it down. I hope you ride longer, because I read not long ago, that you may not be riding in say 10 years, I think you said. And I hope you read this.

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