Alex Jumelin wins semi final at Fise World Montpelier

41 riders down to the top 15 and top 8 make final today, Alex Jumelin took the top spot in the semi final yesterday afternoon in Montpelier closely followed by Matthias Dandois, and Viki Gomez. Finals today at 6pm GMT, 7pm French time on the Fise website. Who’s your money on? Let’s hear in the comments section…

Watch the semi finals right here:

One thought on “Alex Jumelin wins semi final at Fise World Montpelier

  1. So many of these runs had me on the edge of my seat! Amazing to see Gilliard go out there and kill it on someone else’s whip!!!! I thought I got a chance to really appreciate what it is Musselwhite brings to the game, and all of the usuals were in top Form! Nikulski was explosive as hell, as well! Great showing by all!

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