Alex Jumelin wins UK Flatland Championships


Back home after a great weekend at the UK Flatland Championships at the Cycle Show at the Birmingham NEC! Congratulations to Alex Jumelin who took the well deserved win yesterday, followed by James White and Dominik Nekolny. Great turnout for a UK event, big respect to Matti Hemmings for putting this on, great weekend for the uk scene. Repo up in a few days.

1- Alex Jumelin
2- James White
3- Dominik Nekolny
4- Andy Hale
5- Phil Dolan
6- Lee Musselwhite
7- Aran Gillan
8- Josh Briars
9- Miguel Pargas
10- Steve Green
11- Johann Chan
12- Jason Forde
13- Amos Burke
14- Dino Jeffers
15- Bence Pozsonyi
16- Remus Simion

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